Empowering Success: 3 Years of Collaboration with Kayahan Hydraulic Cylinders

Happy Anniversary to EBRD celebrates the success and accomplishments of the company over the years, highlighting their growth in exports and the positive impact of data advertising during the pandemic. It also emphasizes the importance of mentorship and empowering women in the industry.


  • 🎉 EBRD’s export business has thrived, sending products to over 50 countries, with 85% of their exports going to Europe.
  • 💼 Data advertising and website optimization played a crucial role in increasing their export sales, with one advertisement generating an order 40 times larger than the initial ad investment.
  • 📈 The company’s decision to increase stock levels through credit was proven successful, as they were able to meet demand while competitors struggled with supply shortages.
  • 👩‍💼 EBRD is proud to have a diverse and inclusive management team, with women making up 100% of their board.
  • 🌟 Recognizing the importance of mentorship, EBRD aims to provide support to women in the industry and encourages a collaborative approach to problem-solving and empowerment.

Three weeks after our first advertisement, we got our first order from a new customer

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