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About Us

As we leave our 13th year behind,

We reflect on the wealth of experience gained through diverse expertise and the successful projects we've completed. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued colleagues, clients, and business partners who have placed their trust in us. Amidst ever-evolving and growing services, we remain committed to our timeless, tailor-made approach. Thank you for your continued support

Haşim Haluk Bölük

CEO, Prime Marketing Organisation

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Constantly coming up with new creative ideas Constantly coming up with new creative ideas Constantly coming up with new creative ideas
the primers

Meet the Primers Team Leading the Way

We operate with a principle that enables a development expert to serve by leveraging the experiences accumulated on their own journey, contributing with the utmost effectiveness. This drives us to constantly generate new creative ideas and work on enhancing existing methods in consulting

Haşim Haluk Bölük

CEO, Founder

Olga Minevich

Business Manager

Hande Yurtsever

Social Advisor

Ahmet Burak Tekin

Financial Expert

Ali Bülent Turan

Project Expert

Emre Özel

Project Expert

Bilal İskender

Marketing Consultant

Mine Bölük

Event Planning & Event Management

Bensu Çiftçi

Project Expert


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