Pulse of the Industry Through a Single Platform: The Digital Transformation of SÜSBİR

“Pulse of the Industry Through a Single Platform: The Digital Transformation of SÜSBİR”


SÜSBİR, representing ornamental plant producers in Turkey, commands a crucial structure. A need emerged for a digital platform that serves as a database for products required by the market, bringing together member stock statuses and posted tenders in one spot.

The Problem

The sector represented by SÜSBİR encompasses a slew of complex data and processes, such as the continually evolving needs of the market, members’ stock statuses, and ongoing tender processes. Efficiently and effectively managing all this information has posed a significant challenge for the organization.

The Solution Path

SÜSBİR, forging a strategic collaboration with Prime Agency, has taken a critical step towards solving this issue. Prime Agency successfully carried out the planning, software development, and application processes for a platform that serves as a database for market needs, shining a light on member stock statuses and posted tenders.


This new digital platform for SÜSBİR has the capacity to encourage information exchange among members and transparently meet the market’s requirements. By consolidating current stock statuses, real-time product needs in the market, and information on open tenders into a centralized data point, it has established a single source of truth accessible to all sector players.


This new platform has enabled SÜSBİR members and other sector players to make more informed decisions based on real-time data. Additionally, operational efficiency has increased with the digitization of processes, optimizing time and resource usage.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Members can manage their stocks and tender processes more effectively and respond more swiftly to the requirements of the market.

  • Operational Efficiency: Tender processes and stock management have been made more rapid and efficient by being managed through the digital platform.

  • Transparency: Products needed by the market, stock statuses, and tender processes have become easily viewable by all members.

Future Perspective

With a commitment to continuous improvement of the platform, SÜSBİR and Prime Agency will continue to spearhead digital transformation in the sector. Steps towards further enhancing user experience and new features will shape the platform according to the needs of the industry.

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