The Winning Formula: Branded Content and Entertainment in Marketing

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Branded Content: Leave a Mark in Customers’ Hearts and Minds

Branded content is a strategy that helps your brand connect with its target audience and build a more meaningful relationship with them. Bereket TV’s tractor competition deepened this connection by offering a tractor as the grand prize. So why is branded content so effective?

  • Emotional Connection: A tractor is not just a tool for farmers; it’s also a symbol. By offering a tractor as the grand prize, Bereket TV targeted farmers’ emotional bonds, which resonated with the audience and left a lasting impact.
  • Engaging and Intriguing: Bereket TV’s competition was intriguing even for those without a connection to farming. This helped the brand reach a wide audience.
  • Loyal Customers: The grand prize, being a tractor, motivated loyal customers and appealed to new ones, boosting brand loyalty and sales.


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Branded Entertainment: A New Way to Market Fun

Branded entertainment involves placing your brand at the centre of a story and offering consumers an interesting and entertaining experience. Bereket TV’s competition program showcased the power of branded entertainment. Here’s why you should consider using branded entertainment:

  • Attention-Grabbing: Bereket TV garnered significant attention with this entertaining competition featuring 400 contestants. This helped the brand gain visibility with a broad audience.
  • Shareability: Impressive moments from the program quickly spread on social media, resulting in organic visibility for the brand.
  • Storytelling: Each contestant had a story, allowing viewers to connect with the brand and compelling the program.


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Branded content and branded entertainment go beyond traditional marketing strategies. Bereket TV’s “Big Prize Tractor” competition shows how potent these strategies can be. Consider these approaches to build customer loyalty, attract loyal customers, and make your brand unforgettable. This could be your key to staying one step ahead in the market.