Trivia Game Show “Yem Bulmaca” Branded Entertainment

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In its first season consisting of a total of 14 episodes, ’10 Ton Yem Bulmaca’ welcomed 51 contestants from all over Turkey to the Agro TV studios in Istanbul. While 12 contestants left without winning any prizes, 2 participants achieved the grand prize of 10 tons of animal feed. The information competition distributed a total of 71 tons of feed, creating substantial engagement on social media platforms. Social media posts and live broadcasts reached over 7.5 million views, significantly boosting the program’s visibility.

Through the 284 questions posed to contestants on ’10 Ton Yem Bulmaca,’ misconceptions related to animal husbandry were corrected, contributing to greater agricultural and livestock literacy. The program provided both entertainment and valuable knowledge, leaving viewers amused and informed simultaneously.

As ’10 Ton Yem Bulmaca’ continues its journey, offering more information and rewards, audiences eagerly await future seasons. This unique competition sheds light on the world of agriculture and animal husbandry, promising to illuminate the path for many more individuals in the future.”