For Animal Welfare and Future Sustainability: Save the Calves Campaign

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Objective: The “Buzağılar Ölmesin” campaign aimed to raise awareness of a prevalent issue in the livestock sector in Turkey: calf mortality. The campaign sought to increase calf survival rates and make the livestock industry more sustainable.


  • Creation of emotionally charged videos and their distribution on various media platforms.
  • Organizing educational and informative activities for farmers and industry stakeholders.
  • Elevating the issue to the ministry level and securing financial support.


  • Videos garnered over 5 million views and received over 8,000 shares.
  • Over 110,000 unique website visitors.
  • Ministry support led to incentives for barn construction and financial support of up to 750 TL per calf.

Award: The campaign received the first-place award in the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category at the Felis Awards, recognizing it as an exemplary initiative within the industry.

Conclusion: The “Buzağılar Ölmesin” campaign serves as a successful model for bringing attention to an issue in the livestock sector and creating societal awareness. It has also taken a significant step towards sectoral transformation. The campaign is regarded as an exemplary effort in reducing calf mortality and making the livestock industry more sustainable.