Pladis:TR Factories’ Resilient Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges to businesses worldwide, affecting both social and economic aspects of daily life. pladis TR, a prominent player in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, demonstrated exemplary crisis management and employee-centric strategies during this crisis. This case study explores how pladis TR swiftly adapted to the evolving situation, prioritizing the health and well-being of its employees while maintaining its commitment to delivering reliable food products.

  1. Employee-Centric Approach:
    • pladis TR initiated its response by assessing the health status of its employees across all factories.
    • Special attention was given to vulnerable groups, such as individuals with chronic illnesses, weak immune systems, pregnant employees, and those aged 65 and above. These employees were sent home to minimize their exposure to the virus.
    • The company reevaluated its working model and identified roles suitable for remote work, reducing the number of employees in physical offices and minimizing the risk of transmission.
  2. Workplace Safety Measures:
    • Rigorous safety measures, including social distancing protocols, were implemented in all facilities and working areas to protect employees.
    • pladis TR encouraged employees to share ideas and suggestions to improve safety measures, creating a culture of open communication.
    • Quick action and consensus-building with employees became integral to pladis TR’s response strategy.
  3. Leadership and Employee Engagement:
    • Communication with blue-collar employees remained a top priority, fostering a sense of security and unity during the crisis.
    • Factory leaders, Human Resources Managers, and union representatives collaborated to visit employees in their working areas, identify safety actions, and maintain emotional connections.
    • A “14+14 COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS TABLE” was developed and shared with employees, combining government guidelines with additional safety rules, showcasing the company’s commitment to going above and beyond.
  4. Crisis Management and Agility:
    • pladis TR conducted a thorough situation analysis of the pandemic’s impact, both internally and externally, to adapt its priorities and purposes.
    • Action plans were devised in collaboration with senior and location-based management teams to navigate potential crises.
    • The company’s agility in responding to the crisis was a key strength, enabling quick decision-making and implementation.
  5. Health Monitoring and Support:
    • pladis TR closely monitored the health status of its employees, particularly those exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, through workplace health units and HR teams.
    • Continuous support was provided to affected employees, including guidance and daily check-ins with COVID-positive individuals and their families to ensure their well-being.

Conclusion: pladis TR’s exemplary response to the COVID-19 pandemic underscores its commitment to employee well-being, safety, and its role as an industry leader. By fostering strong relationships, open communication, and a culture of resilience, pladis TR not only navigated the crisis successfully but also reinforced the message that they are a united team working towards a common purpose – delivering happiness with every bite, both to their employees and consumers.